Name: Mikio Nakagawa (male)
Birth Date:@1 September, 1959
Birth Place: Tochigi Prefecture

1963 Entered Sendan Kindergarten
1966 Entered Kugeta Elementary School
1972 Entered Kugeta Junior High School
1975 Entered Moka High School
1978 Entered University of Tokyo, College of General Education
1983 Graduated University of Tokyo, Dpt. of Materials Science
1985 Graduated Graduate School of University of Tokyo, Dpt. of Materials Science

1985 Joined Fujikura Ltd., Tokyo Lab., Superconductivity Research Dept.
1988 Sent to Superconductivity Research Laboratory
1991 Returned to Fujikura Ltd., Superconductivity Research Dept.
1996 Move to Local Area Network Dept.
Present General Manager of Network Solutions Dept.

Book: JAS-1 Handbook, 1985, JARL
Articles: Five Articles in Nikkei Communications(1997, 1998)
Scientific Papers: A lot in Superconductivity, but don't ask their quality!

Chief Telecommunications Engineer
Digital Type I Installation Technician
First-Class Technical Radio Operator
Amateur First-Class Radio Operator
Amateur Extra (US Lincese)

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